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Jeezus, buena pregunta. ¡Wow!

First and foremost, as a man, I am here and now. This is cultivated from one's breath, in and out, in one's perfect time. Whether right, or wrong, breath simply is ... and, oh, it is, quite ... here and now.

Breath cultivates my core energy to my center, which is a place that keeps me home and focused. Breath is invaluable to my existence in times of stress or duress, allowing me to find comfort and grounding. Having grounded, regulated breath becomes a constant. As such, when I am here and now (or, more simply, present), I can accomplish *anything* I choose to focus on or put my mind to, with my breath. In turn, my internal and/or verbal 'F/U' has so much more strength and power, as my breath has totally got my back (my core strength).

Partners, jobs, friend nonsense, externals ... ¡hasta luego!

Breath is all good, and so very powerful.

Gracias ;~ )

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