Botanikal Khronikals

“loss and gains"
chapter 3

Did we have a business plan that we had worked on, studied and prepped for to open Botanikal? The short and honest answer is no!

In fact, when it happened, it was
F A S T!
Spirit essentially was like: are you going to leap or not?

While we had already been energetically birthing Botanikal and vending this path was still so new to my sister and i.

I mean, had someone told us years earlier that we would go on to open a shop and not just any shop but a spiritual space, i think i would have laughed!!

To top that off "leaping" led to many harsh lessons.

Yet there we were, so much of it felt unreal all the while feeling familiar and right.

The initial response from many in our lives was shock or criticism. We even lost relationships with folks. (interesting stories and lessons for another day)!

To be honest, it felt quite lonely to birth such an important endeavor. We were barely able to share it with some of the closest people in our lives.

Pero mi gente, the beauty in life is that Spirit will always create harmony.
When there is loss, gain appears.

We opened in 2013 and its 2022. We are still here! ;-)

Without exaggeration, within weeks of opening Botanikal, Spirit began to bring what we now know to be a spiritual family.

It almost seemed like every day someone would find themselves within the area or the building just walking or exploring and enter Botanikal.
with most of these people the connection was instant and the synchronicities were wild!

Different ages, different backgrounds, different spiritual expressions and yet no one felt like a stranger…. Even our ancestors were guiding Taino Indians toward us.

It was magikal.

It was the start to beautiful relationships, support and connections...

All of those people that have come to enter and love us and Botanikal have helped to root and amplify the space and the ways that we are here to be of service!

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We invite you to join the tribe, explore our offerings whether you are seeking to begin or go deeper within your inner work.

dulces bendiciones/sweet blessings,
Alex & RA Perez

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